Teak Investment is Easy, Inexpensive and Could Protect You

teak investment

If you are like the savvy folks I meet at most offshore conferences, you understand the challenges facing the United States today. New Federal laws added at a one-a-week pace since 1970, international banking’s FATCA provisions, the crazy printing of money, Executive Orders, increased militarization of the police, and increasing social unrest fostered by our politicians are all signs of change, probably ones you don’t like. But what are you doing about it?

If you acknowledge the problems, you can do something. Having options in today’s world is paramount — especially when it comes to protecting your most important asset, YOU! Right now is the time to formulate your “plan B” by pairing one of the world’s most in-demand permanent residencies with timber, the asset class most sought after by the world’s wealthiest 1%. Timber is not a new fad or trend – in fact it has been providing the ultra-wealthy with continuous income for centuries. But why has it been that only the uber-rich hold timber in their portfolio? For most it’s the high entry price point.

Hardwoods Unlimited has significantly lowered the price point for you to get in and enjoy the opportunity to earn real returns. Right now you can own a parcel the most in-demand hardwood, teak. Supply is dwindling. Teak is harvested at a rate of 8-12 times faster than it is being replanted. The harvest cycle for Teak is 25-years, but the Hardwoods Plantation is already 15 years old. Your trees will be harvested in a short 10 years, and then the entire plantation will be replanted for a nice endowment for the kids or grandkids, a legacy that will produce returns for generations. As the world’s population continues to grow and the demand increasing, you can be sure your returns will be significant.

The remarkable, high quality of teak products is simply unparalleled.

It is important to understand that teak is not a new, trendy craze that will die out in a few years. It has been used for hundreds of years to craft high-end, quality products and will continue to be used because of its unique, remarkable qualities.

Many folks are simply deciding to own teak for the phenomenal return. But you can also pair your teak investment with the Friendly Nation’s Visa in Panama to obtain a permanent residency. If you do, you’ll be well prepared for the uncertain future likely ahead. With the visa, you can go live in Panama at any time, for any length of time. It’s the ultimate safe room for you and your family if things get a little nuts up north. Even better, you’ll earn a great return on your teak investment and be able to pass the next harvest off to your kids or grand-kids. That’s a legacy you’ll want to be remembered for.

Imagine, all of this, a quarter acre of 15-year old Teak, a permanent residency in Panama, and a legacy investment for the family for only $18,000. Add a spouse, children, or parents for whom you want to provide a back-up plan for only $1,900/person. There are a limited number of parcels available, and right now less than 1/2 of the parcels remains open for reservation. This opportunity is moving fast as you might imagine. You want to provide yourself with a very affordable, excellent investment and a significant Plan B, don’t you? Protecting yourself and earning a return just makes sense and it’s easy. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to contact me. The sooner you act, the sooner your Panamanian residency will be in your hand.

***IMPORTANT: You are able to purchase parcels of teak without the residency component. 1000 m2 plots are currently $15,200/parcel. Residency is an additional $2,800.***