Are You Safe in Nicaragua?

safer in Nicaragua

Evan Sweeney

Voyaging through Nicaragua was my first introduction and experience into this new country. Arriving at the border crossing between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it was soon apparent that Nicaragua was going to be a serene and pleasant adventure. The feeling of safety and comfort that came over me was much needed while on this journey. In comparison to some of the other countries that I have visited, Nicaragua quickly made its way to the top. I admired and appreciated everything from the police, to the locals assisting with directions. Although the directions given might not be top notch, they will always give it a valiant effort.

Spending the first two and a half months in Managua, Nicaragua’s Capital, from February to April in 2014 was amazing. Before returning back to the states and to the normal routine, I was given the opportunity to visit the Gran Pacifica project by the developer, Mike Cobb. If you fast forward a few months, you can now find me living permanently at the beach and living the dream.

Staring out my window, I realized I felt much safer and at ease in the gates of Gran Pacifica than I ever did back in the United States. As a gated community with guards on duty at all times, it makes Nicaragua a very comforting place. This all occurred to me the other night, while I was gazing out my front door. The calm nights with only the sound of the ocean in the distance can easily put your mind at rest. If you are looking for a safe and relaxing place, you should definitely visit Gran Pacifica and have the experience first-hand.

To wrap things up, Nicaragua has proven to be an incredible country and it only continues to improve. According to World Bank, Nicaragua demonstrates to be the 2nd safest country in the region year after year. Whether it’s surfing or golf that brings you here, or even just relaxing by the pool and having a cold drink in your hand, Nicaragua has what you are looking for. Believe it or not, owning a beachfront property is much easier than you think. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and join the many people who have taken their dreams and turned them into reality.