Planning Your Income and International Investments

International Investment

Have you ever heard of using TurboTax or QuickBooks to complete your own individual income tax return and/or accounting needs? Why waste time on confusing sites that lead to stress and worry over what you may have done wrong? It is time to be able to use your very own financial planning tools online in order to lower stress while boosting self-confidence and personal financial wealth.

ECI Development is a proud sponsor of this incredible new software which will allow you to realize your true financial net worth. In addition, you will be able to determine your U.S. based estate planning situation and project your future income from all assets. This is incredibly important so that you can make the best decisions on international investment while knowing how much is truly available to you so that you can take investment risks that are best suited for you.

The software developer and founder, Roger A. Rekate, CPA, found out that most Americans, or citizens of any country, do not know their true worth nor do they perform proactive planning each year. In addition, most of their family members do not know the status of their wealth and lack the provisions to protect it for generations to come.

Advisor Forever will help you, and other individual families, in knowing your true worth, staying up-to-date on all of your assets, and allow you to access your information privately anytime and in any place in the world. Advisor Forever can also allow an advisor to help you, if they so desire, when planning your finances.

Check out today and sign up with the referral code “ECI” to receive Advisor Forever for only $99! Once you are signed up, you will also receive the book, Advisor Forever, that provides you with “Strategies and Solutions in Today’s Financial World” by Roger A. Rekate, CPA! Prices will be increasing with the additional Tax Planning Analysis form that is being added soon. With everything that Advisor Forever has to offer, we would hate for you to keep it to yourself! The holidays are here! I cannot think of a better gift than that of great financial tool to assist your friends and family in their financial planning, as well.

Not only is Advisor Forever a great gift for you, your family, and your friends, it is also a great gift for young children! How is that? For every individual who signs up for Advisor Forever, $10 will be donated to the nonprofit, Life’s Journey. Life’s Journey helps children with parents who are in the military by sponsoring sports scholarships based in the U.S. and participating worldwide.

Roger A. Rekate, CPA takes a team approach, which has allowed him to receive the opportunity to speak internationally in several countries around the world. The new book, Advisor Forever, will detail how he recommends investing in the U.S. and internationally today.