Offshore Tax & Business Lifehacks

Lifehacking refers to any loophole, shortcut, skill, or uncommon method that increases productivity and efficiency while simplifying your life. Anything that solves a major problem in an inspired, ingenious manner is a life hack.

And we have identified lifehacks for just about every aspect of your financial and business life. For example:

  • Hack the worldwide banking system by planting flags around the globe.
  • Hack your IRA and take control over your investments.
  • Hack the estate tax by moving assets offshore.
  • Hack the dollar and diversify into appreciating international currencies.
  • Hack the US court system which favors creditors over business owners by changing the jurisdiction, venue and choice of law any case will be brought.
  • Hack government surveillance and interference by moving your assets to a country that respects your privacy.
  • Hack the business tax rate by using the loopholes negotiated by the likes of Google and Apple.
  • Hack the low returns and relatively high risks in America.
  • Hack the US passport by gaining residency and citizenship in a variety of friendly nations.

There are many ways to hack out of a high risk and corrupt system… one that’s stacked against most citizens in favor of the multinationals and the well connected.

How might you hack out of the system? Begin operating your life like a multinational. Diversify your investments offshore and protect your wealth behind an impenetrable wall.

For more information on how to work these hacks to protect your family and maximize your wealth, check out our Global Legal Advisor.