Mother Nature is Alive and Well in Costa Rica

mother nature costa rica

Paul E German

Whether living, visiting or passing through, one will never be disappointed with the natural beauty in Costa Rica. Boasting miles and miles of beaches colored pink, white, beige and black, one finds oneself lost in endless relaxation. Both coasts, East and West, are hotspots for picture perfect places where the rainforest reaches the oceans.

Once you step through the coastal doors and head inland, Costa Rica is rich in diverse landscapes from volcanoes to hot springs to freshwater rivers and wildlife. It is no wonder that this country led the way for ecotourism and now has regulations ensuring that 33% of its lands remain in park and protected status.

One of the greatest wonders of natural beauty in Costa Rica is watching leatherback turtles hatch from the sand and make their way to the ocean. Following the full moon, these tiny, soft shelled reptiles wander over what seem surely to be mountains of sand to reach the relentless waves of the Pacific Ocean and a full life ahead.

The Gold Coast of Costa Rica has over 15 beaches where multitude of mothers crawl out of this same ocean and lay over 130 eggs deep in the sand, exhausting herself before returning back to the sea. 90 days later the little youngsters pop out and start a new life.

It is a phenomenon of natural beauty that has to be experienced. It will leave you speechless and it happens right here in Costa Rica, courtesy of Mother Nature.

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