What Latin America can Offer Retirees

Latin America Retirees

USA Today published an article in June called, “Retirees Eye Lower the Cost of Living in Latin America”. The article focused on American retirees that were either planning to relocate or have already moved to a retirement community somewhere in Latin America and were happy with the decisions they made. Why Latin America of all places? Because many regions in Latin America have consistently beautiful weather, retirees can receive high quality, yet affordable healthcare and it’s still very close to the United States.

Many countries throughout Latin America have been rising in popularity as the Baby Boomer generation begins retiring. One of the main reasons is that these retirees can easily live very well in these countries for as little as $20,000 a year. Medical care, which is an essential factor for retirees, is also top quality and much more affordable compared to the United States. People who relocate to another country can still keep their U.S. citizenship, vote, and even collect social security.

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