Going Native When Moving Offshore: Maybe….Maybe not

moving offshore

Michael Cobb

A good friend, Kathleen Peddicord published an article recently by her lead correspondent that is worth sharing. It was titled, “Why We Hate GatedCommunities…Or Do We?” It really captures some ideas that most folks don’t think about when buying overseas. Many of us love the idea of living offshore and enjoying the higher quality of life for less. It’s one of the major appeals to moving overseas and international living.

That said, what we sometimes forget are just how important peer relationships are. We take this for granted because in our home countries we can slip into relationships with our associates and colleagues easily. There is rarely any cultural barrier or challenge.

Overseas, it’s different. Even when speaking English, culture becomes a factor in how we develop friendships, if we develop friendships, and with whom we develop friendships. Middle class in Latin America is very different from middle class in North America. I’m not being snobbish, just relating 12 years of experience and how finding peers and friends in Latin America has been a challenge.

In truth, it might not have as much to do with class as experience. If you are moving offshore, chances are you have an international mindset. Finding people with similar values and philosophies is hard in North America. It gets far harder in a new culture. So while you may not imagine that a “gated community” is right for you, it should be added to your list of considerations. Add it for the reasons above as well as a whole bunch more that Lee Harrison writes about in the article below. Even if this strikes you as, “No way would I do that,” be wise and read Lee’s article it anyway. Better to know and not need than need and not know.

Click here to read Lee’s article.