Earn Passive Income for Life

passive income

Louis Petrossi

Double Your Money in 5 Years Astute investors are putting their money in select passive income investments averaging up to 20% or more a year. These passive income investments can double your money every 5 years with no stock market risk. Later, when the passive income company goes public or becomes part of a merger/acquisition, capital gains profits follow that also multiply wealth in addition to the annual income investors receive. In the interim, your can receive annual income in excess of the historic returns of the stock market and enjoy peace of mind performance without market volatility.

The Best Investment for every Profolio

Passive income is the number one investment of the wealthiest people in the world. Passive income is how the rich keep getting richer by living off passive income distributions while compounding their equity holdings.

The wealthiest investors do not think or invest like the masses nor do they solely rely on the stock market to make their fortunes. There is a good reason why the affluent prosper in both good and bad times. They invest in recession proof businesses with high profit margins that can pay above average, consistent passive income returns so they never have to liquidate their fixed or more productive assets.

Your Absolute Future Net Worth-Weath

Your future net worth should not be dependent on guessing what the stock market will do, or forecasting the GDP- gross domestic production, or the outcome of geopolitical solutions.

Your wealth is dependent of these four things:

1. How much money you save.
2. How long you compound your money.

3. Your asset allocation (how you diversify)
4. Your investment selection and returns.

Select passive income producing investments have always been the cornerstone of any prudent investment portfolio. They play a vital role in the accumulation and preservation of your wealth. Moreover, the main reason for investing in the first place is to create enough income to support your lifestyle and retirement.

Proven Passive Income Investments

Proven and time-tested passive income investments can be found in these businesses:

1. Growth companies with high profits margins.
2. Limited liability companies (LLC’s) where the net income is passed directly to the investors before income tax.

3. Royalty Income offerings.
4. Master Limited partnerships (MLP’s)
5. Franchise passive income.

The most prevalent source of high passive income comes from proven, expanding franchised businesses wherein the investor is an equity owner in an LLC receiving a steady stream of above-average income paid directly from operations and franchise location expansion. Investors can receive a 10% preferred fixed annual return in these offerings plus 15% of net profits which brings the annual passive income return to over 20% a year.

These passive income investments have always been the major portfolio asset for astute individuals, pension plans, expats, and retirees to protect and multiply their wealth.