The Coconut Oil Foundation

coconut oil
Kara Shay Westermann

Beauty For Ashes Project is a non-profit aimed at supporting the locals of Nicaragua. We are particularly focusing on Los Jicaros, a poor community near Gran Pacifica. Our goal is to make Los Jicaros a more sustainable community by giving its people more opportunities and skillsets. Our foundation and efforts are all centered on one thing that can produce so many products in almost any industry. What is this thing I’m talking about? Coconuts.

Coconuts are among world’s best assets because they can used to produce a tremendous number of commodities for almost any industry. They are relied on by businesses and millions of people throughout the world. The supply and demand is essentially endless, which we use to our advantage.

Los Jicaros is a small, secluded community that lies off the west coast of Nicaragua. There are about 75 homes here, but they have no building to host a school or church. In the beginning of 2014, we teamed up with the Gran Pacifica Resort and began working with this small community together. We intend to enhance the children’s education, create innovative, sustainable programs, and help each family thrive and grow.

The aim of this particular project is to train women how to make organic, cold-pressed coconut oil to be sold in the United States, Europe, and locally in Nicaragua. The women from the Los Jicaros community will be the primary oil harvesters, and the oil will be used to make Moringa Soap. Nicaragua has an abundant supply of coconut trees, which means we will always have the means of producing more soap.

Soap is only one of many examples of what coconut oil can produce. It has flooded the international markets because it has so many uses. If that wasn’t enough, making the coconut oil is much easier than you might think. Here’s a video that demonstrates every step in producing itClick here to watch the video.

Los Jicaros is one of the most unified communities we have ever experienced. From the very start, we were treated like family, and our relationship with these honest, hardworking people has been growing ever since. We are putting in our best efforts to give these people opportunities they can use to ultimately come out of poverty.