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passive income

Earn Passive Income for Life

Louis Petrossi Double Your Money in 5 Years Astute investors are putting their money in select passive income investments averaging up to 20% or more a year. These passive income…


Update from China

Roger Carl While Hemispheres Newsletter tends to center on the Western Hemisphere, from time to time we have folks who are doing some great things across the “Big Pacific Pond”…

offshore companies

Offshore Companies – Doing Business Globally

Trevor Bradley Placing your assets in, and doing your business with, offshore companies has been a growing trend among many people today looking for prudent tax planning and asset protection….

international business

Obama’s Stance on Tax Laws will Hurt International Business

Michael Cobb In a recent speech in Los Angeles, President Barack Obama implored law makers to change tax laws relied on by many companies working overseas today. In fact, a…