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Diversify your IRA offshore

Proof You Should Diversify Your IRA Offshore Now

Christian Reeves A record high stock market in the U.S. exposes the suckers! Don’t be one of them. Diversify your IRA offshore as soon as possible. This article offers statistical…

teak investment

Teak Investment is Easy, Inexpensive and Could Protect You

If you are like the savvy folks I meet at most offshore conferences, you understand the challenges facing the United States today. New Federal laws added at a one-a-week pace…

rare strategic metals

Landmark EU Ruling on Rare Strategic Metals

Bobby Casey In the race to save the world from global climate change, every country is scrambling to out legislate the next. And force new green technology into existence. Whether…

International Investment

Planning Your Income and International Investments

Have you ever heard of using TurboTax or QuickBooks to complete your own individual income tax return and/or accounting needs? Why waste time on confusing sites that lead to stress…

Flamingo Towers Costa Rica

Real Estate in Costa Rica: Flamingo Towers

Rachel Jensen Tourism and real estate in Costa Rica are just two of the areas there that are growing exponentially, especially on the Northwest coast. Here little rain falls, the…