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coconut oil

The Coconut Oil Foundation

Kara Shay Westermann Beauty For Ashes Project is a non-profit aimed at supporting the locals of Nicaragua. We are particularly focusing on Los Jicaros, a poor community near Gran Pacifica….

ocean cleanup

Ocean Cleanup on Ambergris Caye

Old refrigerators and stoves, bicycle frames, Styrofoam and plastic disposable plates and cups, rubber tubes, plastic bags and wrappers were some of the many items fished from the water and…

Homeless Community Service

War on the Homeless!

I see a lot of local news articles. And I’ve done a few write ups here about the over regulation of businesses by the government. But perhaps the bigger picture…

Peace Corps

Why I Declined my Offer to the Peace Corps

Rachel Jensen When you grow up, what do you want to be? This is a question we get asked starting from when we are toddlers, and one that we begin…