Casado on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica

Gold Coast Costa Rica

Paul E German


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

                                                           Virginia Woolf

And a truer statement cannot be found in this area of Costa Rica!

All over Central America and the Caribbean you find a specialty dish that each country owns as their own. Here on the Guanacaste Coast, Costa Rican Casado is one of the staples that you find in every restaurant, bar, shack, hut and sometimes even served out of a car trunk.

Casado de pescado (fish), casado de carne (meat), casado de camarones (shrimp) is a delicious meal that can be eaten for lunch or dinner. Consisting of the locally grown plantains, cabbage salad, red beans and rice and your choice of seafood or meat, this outstanding meal is served fresh daily.

Here on the Gold Coast in Costa Rica we find fantastic local food from Tamarindo to Los Cocos. The two small, exciting towns of Brasilito and Flamingo have many beach restaurants that offer a great Casado and a fantastic view of the sea, beach and mountains.

You can even roll up to any beach and find your favorite Gold Coast seafood BBQ going where the catch of the day has just left the ocean and will soon be on your plate. Top it off with a fresh lime juice or a cold SILVER cerveza and life doesn’t get any better

All this can be part of your daily life here on the Gold Coast. Healthy, fresh seafood fuels the soul. Get in touch with us at Flamingo Towers, right in the heart of all this local decadence and see how we can make your living here a possibility.